Do You Need a Crown?

Virginia Beach CrownsA crown is a dental restoration utilized to restore a compromised natural tooth to full form and function.  At Reitano Dentistry in Virginia Beach, we are dedicated to fabricating the most natural crown possibly that can restore natural function and beauty. Modern dental technology and skilled craftsmanship play a vital role in custom preparation and design of each crown fabricated.

Crowns may be indicated to solve multiple concerns:

  • Protect a tooth with too large a filling to maintain good abilities to chew and bite
  • Restore a worn or fractured tooth
  • Change a size, shape or color of a natural tooth

Let our team at Reitano Dentistry assist you in gently crafting a cosmetic crown that mimics the beauty of nature! Our dental office is also conveniently located near Chesapeake and Norfolk.

Beauty of Nature


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