12 Things Your Mouth Can Reveal About Your Health - Reitano Dentistry

Many people don’t realize that their lifestyle habits show signs in their mouth that Dr. Reitano can pick up with a simple checkup. Many of these are routine checkups for more serious health conditions, a far cry from the idea of dentists just being there for your teeth. Here are 12 things your mouth can reveal about your health and dental hygiene:

  1. You’re pregnant – Presence of gingivitis can be a sign of pregnancy
  2. You don’t floss – Regularly flossed gums don’t bleed
  3. You drink way too many sodas and energy drinks – sugar and acid erodes tooth enamel
  4. You suffer from acid reflux – cavities on the inside edges of your front teeth caused by stomach acid
  5. You might have recently become diabetic – changes in saliva and gum health can be caused by low blood sugar levels
  6. You’ve been drinking – alcohol consumption causes dry mouth, which leads to increase acidity and cavities
  7. You have an iron deficiency – smooth tongue and burning sensation point to lack of iron in diet or lack of iron absorption
  8. You have a sinus infection – sinus infections are often mistaken as tooth aches
  9. Your kidneys are failing – bad breath with a fishy smell can point to liver or kidney damage
  10. You bite your nails – front teeth with flat edges caused by rubbing together when biting fingernails
  11. You still suck your thumb – teeth and jaw become misaligned when thumb-sucking continues into adulthood
  12. You might have cancer – red, white, speckled lumps in mouth can be cancerous

If you haven’t had a dental checkup for a while, then make an appointment today at Reitano Dentistry in Virginia Beach.

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