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Natural Smile

What makes a smile look natural?

Virginia Beach Cosmetic DentistryMany aspects of teeth make a smile look natural. Size, Shape, Contour and Color are all-important factors! The proportionality of the teeth to one another and to the face! Do the teeth fit the smile and the face of the person? Texture, Translucency, Durability are Important Factors!

What are some of the Procedures involved in changing a smile?

How does a patient know what are the right choices to restore their smile?

We must start by gathering information like parts to a puzzle, some situations are simple, some complicated.

  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Full set of radiographs
  • Diagnostic
  • Models
  • Photographs

A personal consult to discuss treatment options…

How do you customize a smile for a particular patient?

Just like an architect wants a blue print to design a building …we need a blue print to design a smile…Customized wax-up of the changes we will make in the mouth are made on the stone model of your teeth

In smile design we take the models of the individual teeth and direct the lab to make the changes on the models in wax…before ever touching their teeth to design the proper function and aesthetics for each individual patient.

Our Goal… Mimic the Beauty of Nature!

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