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Full Mouth Rehab

Many people have relatively healthy teeth requiring only a few new dental restorations. However, some individuals present with much more complicated situations. These scenarios require a comprehensive approach know as Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Full Mouth Rehab

Aesthetics, form and function are the key ingredients to accessing this state of affairs. There are many causes to this situation: missing teeth, tipped or shifted teeth, multiple broken or decayed teeth and jaw mal alignments. Many considerations are factored in to treatment options for these individuals. Many parts of the puzzle are first assembled including: a comprehensive examination, radiographs, diagnostic models, and photographs. Once these key parts have been assembled then a consultation visit is set up to thoroughly explain treatment options and alternatives so the patient can decide which custom path is right for him/ her.

At Reitano Dentistry we take pride in a comprehensive treatment plan to attain the goals for each and every patient.


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