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A dental bridge is a method of replacing one or more lost teeth. A custom made tooth is fabricated to replace the missing tooth and attached to adjacent natural teeth.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may need a dental bridge to literally “bridge” the gap in your mouth. Bridges have several uses. They can restore your smile; help you speak properly and chew food; maintain your facial structure; help balance your bite; and even reinforce remaining natural teeth. Even beyond these tangible benefits, there are intangible results – Reitano Dentistry’s skillful team will make certain that your bridge will increase your level of comfort and confidence.

Virginia Beach Bridges

Reitano Dentistry will custom fit your new dental bridge to look and feel as close as possible like your existing natural teeth.  The end result will be something that you can smile about.

We know it’s important to visit a dental office you trust.  Reitano Dentistry will always treat you with respect, make the most efficient use of your time and provide you with quality, gentle care.


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