Velscope Oral Cancer Screening System

VELscopeOur dental practice strives to constantly evaluate new medical technologies and procedures that will provide a benefit to our patients. We have recently incorporated a new oral cancer screening device called the Velscope into our practice.  This device when used in conjunction with conventional visual oral examination enhances our ability to identify, evaluate and monitor oral mucosal abnormalities.

One American dies every hour from oral cancer. Late detection of oral cancer is the primary cause that both the incidence and the mortality rates of oral cancers continue to increase. It is one of the few types of cancer that has not seen a significant reduction in the incidence over the past thirty years, and resent research has shown a strong association with Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV), which can be sexually transmitted. For this reason many oral health care professionals now belief that all individuals over 18 should have at least one annual oral cancer screening exam. While tobacco and alcohol use are risk factors for oral cancer, more than 25% of oral cancer victims have no lifestyle risk factors.

This painless, non-invasive visual test gives us a better chance to screen for oral abnormalities in the oral tissues at early stages. A Velscope is similar to other proven early detection procedures for other cancers such as Mammography, Pap Smear and PSA.

Velscope Velscope

This device helps us to screen for a wide variety of problems including: inflammation, infection, precancerous and cancerous tissue changes as well. We have always done a conventional oral exam and are always on the lookout for changes in your mouth however the Velscope offers us an added dimension by utilizing technology to allow us to do an even better job.

The Velscope exam will be offered to you annually. The enhanced examination is recognized by the American Dental Association and is assigned an insurance code D0431. More and more insurance companies are covering the cost of the screening but not all.

At Reitano Dentistry we care about your health and well-being and take great pride in offering to you this potentially lifesaving screening examination.



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