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Intraoral Camera

One of the great benefits of constantly evolving technology is that it can enhance and improve the patient experience when visiting your Virginia Beach, VA dental team. A recent addition to our modern technology is the intraoral camera, which allows you to see what Dr. Reitano and Team see when evaluating your oral health treatment options. This not only improves the dentist’s view of your mouth; it also allows you the patient to have a visual basis for collaborating in your own dental care choices.

How it works

By pointing a small, highly sensitive wand at a specific area of your mouth such as the teeth, gums, or previous dental work, a clear image of the are of interest can be enlarged and displayed on a monitor for both patient and dentist to observe. Because the camera provides distinct, high-resolution images, treatment is easier and more precise, and the patient can, at his/her discretion be aware of and involved in the ongoing process.

Intraoral Camera

Advantages of the Intraoral Camera

During exams by a professional member of the Reitano Dentistry team, it is easier to identify areas of developing decay, cracks in fillings, or previously placed crowns, leaks around previous fillings, or recently developed lesions or changes in oral tissue. Because the wand housing the camera’s lens can literally be pointed at any location in the mouth to find potential issues, even the most deliberate and careful examination becomes immeasurably better with this high-resolution piece of photographic technology.

When anything suspect is identified, a ‘freeze-frame’ image can be captured and examined more closely, to see if further inspection or treatment is warranted. These images can then be stored for comparison against future images, to see if conditions are worsening or changing in some way.

We consider every patient to be an important part of the process of maintaining good dental health, and for that reason, we always endeavor to involve you as much as possible in the goal of achieving optimal oral and overall health.

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