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Reitano Dentistry is a Certified Provider for the clear plastic teeth aligners known as the Invisalign system. These aligners gently nudge your teeth into proper positioning in a manner that is more comfortable than old-style metal braces, and without the frequent embarrassment which often comes along with obvious metal braces.

The final result? happier, more confident dental patient having a straighter more appealing smile

What exactly is Invisalign?

InvisalignThe brand name Invisalign refers to a system which uses a series of transparent retainers that are easily installed and removed from the mouth. After taking X-rays and an impression of your mouth, results are passed on to a laboratory, which then creates your custom retainers. These are then fitted comfortably over the teeth, with a progressive new retainer being applied about every two or three weeks. As each new retainer in the series is used to accomplish incremental re-positioning, the teeth are gradually positioned closer and closer to their ultimate desired destination and orientation.

What makes Invisalign such a good choice?

As its name suggests, Invisalign accomplishes teeth alignment invisibly, as opposed to metal braces which are highly visible. Because they are easily removed, Invisalign offers greater flexibility for the wearer. Regular brushing and flossing and also a snap. Because there are no wires, brackets, or rubber bands involved, fewer trips to see Dr. Reitano and the Reitano Dentistry team are necessary.

What should you expect from Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign BracesWhen you choose to undergo the Invisalign treatment system with your Virginia Beach, VA dental team, you may confidently expect to achieve a more attractive smile, and straighter teeth in shorter time, and greater comfort. By committing faithfully to leaving your aligners in position at all times other than eating, drinking, and brushing, you may expect the duration of your treatment plan to be no more than from nine and 15 months. In that time, you will wear from 18 and 30 different sets of aligners, each of which successively brings you a little bit closer to your final objective, a beautiful, straight, and confident smile!

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