Going to the dentist twice per year for a cleaning and checkup is a necessity for oral health. If you neglect going, five different negative things could happen.

Tooth Loss
Over a long period of time, neglected teeth will decay and could loosen. This could result in the complete loss of some teeth.

Oral Pain
If you do not have your teeth cleaned, you will ultimately face tooth decay. Tooth decay could eventually lead to the exposure of nerves, which could cause serious pain.

Gum Disease
One of the most likely issues that you will face is gum disease. This serious ailment grows over time and could have a long-lasting impact on your health.

Future Costs
Not going to the dentist regularly will likely lead to higher costs in the future. Ultimately, you will have to go through expensive procedures to fix tooth pain or replace teeth with artificial options.

Additional Diseases
Tooth decay is frequently linked with being a cause of several other serious illnesses. Some of the other illnesses that could occur include heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and certain forms of cancer.

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