Dental hygiene is very important for a healthy body and brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a big part of it. Over the years, an electric toothbrush has become a great alternative to a manual toothbrush.

Though a manual toothbrush is very effective, an electric toothbrush presents certain advantages especially for people suffering from health conditions like arthritis. Electric toothbrushes have many options like timers, rechargeable batteries and adjustable power levels. With a choice between a brush head that uses ultrasonic pulses to move the bristles and the rotating-oscillating head, an electric brush might help remove plaque from hard-to-reach tooth surfaces. Choose an electric toothbrush, which has a good grip and is comfortable to use. To get the maximum benefit from your electrical toothbrush, replace your brush head according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A dentist can help you pick the right toothbrush for your dental needs.

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