While periodontal diseases are incredibly common in modern societies, there is still a bit of uncertainty regarding how they develop and affect the human body. For this reason, researchers have begun to increase their efforts in studying what causes them. In order to improve future practices, researchers primarily work with what are known as case studies of those who have already been affected. Of course, what worked in one case study does not necessarily mean it will work for all future patients.

This complexity also extends to other areas of dentistry research, including salivary studies and dental caries. Interestingly, the increased interest in dentistry is readily apparent in such medicinal journals as “Oral Health and Dental Management.” Over the past few years, these types of journals have seen a marked increase in the number of periodontal studies that have been conducted. In fact, it is estimated that more studies will be conducted as saliva is further explored as an alternative to traditional serums.

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