Fluoridation of community water is widespread, but many people don’t realize why. Find out four benefits of fluoride for everyone in Reitano.

Keeps Kids In School
The American Dental Association estimates over 51 million school hours are spent dealing with dental problems. Fluoridated water is one of the best ways to prevent a common health issue, tooth decay.

Nature’s Cavity Fighter
Fluoride is present in oceans and some groundwater. It’s just that many communities add it to their drinking water in beneficial quantities. Fluoridated water prevents 25 percent of tooth decay in adults and children.

Proven Research
For over 70 years, research has shown that fluoride in community water is harmless and useful. Over 100 organizations worldwide endorse fluoridation in preventing cavities, including the CDC, AMA, and WHO.

Lowers Health Costs
Every dollar spent on water fluoridation saves $38 dollars in dental treatments for patients and insurance providers. Cities can lower insurance premiums and taxes by keeping cavities at bay.

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