Tragically, opioid abuse was a leading cause behind more than 40,000 overdose deaths in 2016. We in the dental community, however, are in a position to make some changes: many times, access to opioids can come from prescription pain medication, something that can be prescribed especially for dental pain management. The ADA as a result is doing what it can to prevent further negligence in all respects. Back in 2012, it enacted ongoing education to provide knowledge on recognizing risks and signs of opioid abuse in patients so that your Virginia Beach dentist can get them to the help they need. Now, it continues to do so, offering training to dentists on preventative measures, like prescribing non-narcotics whenever it is possible and screening for signs of dependence, and it is not alone: several other organization like the CDC, DEA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration, and the US Surgeon General have also offered prescribing guidelines and resources.

Reitano Dentistry in Its Efforts

The Reitano Dentistry team supports such measures to combat opioid abuse in our community and pledge to offer caring, gentle treatment and advice to all who wish to stop opioid abuse and want to learn more. We deal with the issue as it relates to dentistry and stand in commitment with the ADA to further our research and practices in response to the epidemic.


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Contact us today and learn how you and others can receive help, or if you just want to learn more. It’s just a call away!

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